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"The Cuckoo's Nest" - World Humanist Conference Oxford

In this talk from the World Humanist Congress in 2014, entitled ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ humanist novelist Philip discusses imagination and the responsibility of the writer in the context of a weekend of ongoing discussions into freedom of thought and expression.

Philip Pullman's fairytale world - Newsnight BBC

Philip talks to Kirsty Wark about the enduring power of stories.

Five Minutes with Philip Pullman (BBC)

In a series for the BBC News website, Celebrities and news-makers are grilled by Matthew Stadlen in precisely five minutes.

Open University 40th anniversary lecture

In this lecture Philip talks about the relationship between the story and its illustration.


Interviewed by Liz Mzimba (BBC)

In 2007 BBC's Lizo Mzimba interviewed Philip on his thoughts about his books being adapted into movies, and what the future holds. Featuring the impressive backdrop of Exeter College in Oxford.

Philip discusses the meaning of Dust with Donna Freitas

A conversation between The Golden Compass author Philip Pullman and Donna Freitas author of Killing the Imposter God on the meaning and nature of "dust" in the His Dark Materials trilogy.

His Dark Materials