Philip Pullman’s early work comes to the London stage

And this Christmas, one of his fairytales and earliest works, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, is to be staged at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Pullman, who lived in London for eight years when he taught at Westminster College, is excited about seeing his work in different mediums.

He says: “I’m not nervous because I know that the stories are great and by and large they always work on the stage.”

He has praised the production, citing its “charm and stage presence”, which goes some way to show how relaxed he is about interpretations of his work.

This latest take tells the story of Lila, whose dreams of becoming a firework-maker are dashed when her father tells her it’s no job for a girl. But undeterred she sets out for Mount Merapi in search of the elusive royal sulphur, meeting fantastical and supernatural creatures along the way, only to return to save her imprisoned father with the best firework display on earth.