Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials in Lorna’s top 25 classic books every child should read

The Telegraph, 4th May 2012

Lorna Bradbury, Deputy Literary Editor

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (Scholastic). Box set of the trilogy.

In February, in response to a question from an enthusiastic grandfather, I selected a list of 50 books that could be seen as the building blocks of a child’s library. It included illustrated stories for the under-fives, as well as novels and reference books.

This was followed last month by 25 classic novels for teenagers, when I received a letter from a vampire-fatigued 14-year-old girl – books such as Emily Brontë’sWuthering Heights and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

I hoped readers might share their own childhood favourites with me, but I hadn’t envisaged anything like the number of thoughtful responses I was sent. The list that follows offers up 25 further books, based on suggestions from Telegraph readers, taking our proposed library to 100 titles.

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