I’ve given three lectures on this subject, which is very close to my heart. I think I’ve said most of what I want to say now, but if something else occurs to me, I shall certainly stand up and say it.

Isis Lecture

This was the first extended piece I wrote about education. I wanted to say what I thought had gone wrong with it, and suggest some better ways of doing things. The lecture was given during the Oxford Literary Festival in 2003. Download the full lecture (.pdf format, 133KB)

Albion, or Teaching at Liberty

The University of Central England in Birmingham, having given me an honorary degree, invited me in 2004 to give a lecture. I took the chance to imagine a better England than the one we live in. Download the full lecture (.pdf format, 127KB)

Miss Goddard’s Grave

This is the text of a lecture I gave at the University of East Anglia in 2005. It sums up much of what I believe to be true about education, literature, and moral understanding. Download the full lecture (.pdf format, 144KB)