The New Cut Gang

Thunderbolt’s Waxwork and The Gas-Fitters’ Ball are two of my favourites among my stories. There was going to be a series of six of them, but the editor who commissioned them at Puffin left to go to another publisher, and somehow they got abandoned.

They’re funny (I hope) tales about the children in the New Cut Gang, a mixed bunch of vagabonds and rascals in late Victorian Lambeth, and their adventures among the petty crooks and the showmen and the market traders of the time. I like the characters very much, and I love the setting; and one day I shall write some more stories about Benny Kaminsky, and Thunderbolt Dobney, and their friends.

Thunderbolt's Waxwork book coverThunderbolt’s Waxwork

The New Cut Gang is a loose group of urchins ranging from 6-year-old Sharky Bob to 13-year-old Bridie Malone. (more…)

The Gas-Fitters' Ball book coverThe Gas-Fitters’ Ball

The New Cut Gang is a group of urchins in 1892. (more…)