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The following books have been highly recommended by Philip. You can buy them by clicking on the buy links below or by visiting the shop. Thank you.

Just So Stories book cover

Just So Stories

By Rudyard Kipling

1993, Wordsworth’s Children’s Classics

Philip’s review: These stories have been favourites of mine ever since I learned to read with them. Kipling’s wonderful command of language and rhythm and sound, and his effortless inventiveness, make this book a classic.

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Paradise Lost book coverParadise Lost

By John Milton

2008, Oxford World’s Classics

Philip’s review: Paradise Lost is, to my mind, the greatest poem in English. I have been devoted to it since the moment when, at the age of sixteen, I felt the hair rising on my head as my English teacher began to read the poem aloud. I was delighted to be able to write the introduction to this edition, and to say why someone who was not a scholar still found this great work important, relevant, and thrilling today, over three centuries after it was written.

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