His Dark Materials

Northern Lights book cover

Northern Lights

I thought it would be hard to find an audience for this story, and I’ve been astonished and delighted by the reception it’s had all over the world. I don’t want to say very much about it here, because I’d like it to speak for itself; but I can say something about the illustrations. (more…)

The Subtle Knife book coverThe Subtle Knife

When it came to The Subtle Knife, I’d already found a way of working at the drawings, and I began them with great pleasure. But (in the UK edition, anyway) there was something else I wanted to add to this book. (more…)

The Amber Spyglass book cover

The Amber Spyglass

The first edition of The Amber Spyglass didn’t have any pictures in it, because there wasn’t time for me to do them. (more…)

Lyra's Oxford book coverLyra’s Oxford

This is a sort of stepping-stone between the trilogy and the book that’s coming next. I thought it would be fun to put together some documents and bits and pieces from Lyra’s world, such as a map of the Oxford she knows, and as I did, I found a story beginning to take shape. (more…)