Puss in Boots – extract

The way led through a ruined graveyard, and they couldn’t turn back. But they’d hardly begun to tiptoe through the tombstones when –

“AAARRGGH!” cried Puss, leaping high into the air. “Goo – goo – ghouls!” “WHAT?” yelled Jacques, terrified. “WHERE? WHERE?”

“Here,” said a creaky-croaky voice behind them.

“And here,” said a rumbly-mumbly voice ahead of them.

Puss and Jacques stood back to back as the Ghouls crept towards them on
ghastly legs.

“We’ve been awake for a thousand years,” said one Ghoul, “and oh, how we long for sleep…”

“If we can’t sleep,” said another Ghoul, “we’ll take all your bones out through your noses and play skittles with ‘em, that’s what we’ll do.”